Fall Guys Breaking Records

Fall Guys is helping break records for Steam and Epic Games. Recently, the hit game was made free-to-play in a move that saw the title leave Steam to become exclusive on the Epic Games Store.

Well, as it turns out, this was an incredibly smart decision because the Epic Games Store set a new record for active players on June 21st, the same day that Fall Guys was made free. Epic later clarified that the record number of active players referred to the number of active players on the Epic Games storefront over the course of a single day. While these numbers didn’t solely come from Fall Guys, the game did “strongly” contribute to the total number of players.

In a tweet, it was revealed that Fall Guys more than doubled its previous record for concurrent PC users. Fall Guys also recorded five times as many concurrent players on Steam in June when compared to its previous peak in May. The game recorded over 20 million players in the 48 hours after it was released for free. That information was first revealed on June 25th, so we can only assume that number has grown since then.

According to StreamCharts, the all-time peak concurrent player count for Fall Guys on Steam was around 172,000 people. Based on this data, we can assume that the total number of Steam players on June 21st was roughly 350,000 people.

(All information was provided by PC Gamer)

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