Roulette And Esports: How Different Are These Industries?

You’ve probably heard of roulette before, but if you’ve never entered a casino, you might wonder whether this table game has anything in common with the world of esports. The truth is there are more differences than similarities between these ways of playing, so what are some of the key points to consider?

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The Variety Of Games

As with esports, roulette isn’t just a single game that teams or individuals can play. Rather, it’s a wide and ever-growing genre of games that covers a broad variety of rules, gameplay, and ways of winning. This means that it’s possible to switch between roulette versions just as easily as you move between other types of games.

The idea of playing alone rather than in a team ties in with individual esports like StarCraft II and Hearthstone, and the list of online roulette games at Paddy Power includes Quantum Roulette, Live Spin & Win Roulette, and European roulette. While they’re all based on the same basic idea, each introduces different elements to make it unique. Some have live human dealers with others are played on a computer-generated table.

Skill Or Chance?

The biggest difference between esports and roulette is the skill involved. Esports is all about using many varied skills to beat opponents. The best players have spent endless hours training, getting into shape, and understanding all of the different parts of their chosen games perfectly, so it’s fair to compare them with top-level athletes.

With roulette, it’s important that you understand how the game works and the risk compared to the possible return for each available bet. Yet, it’s really just a game of chance at heart.

The Chance To Win Money Or Just Play

A point that both have in common is that you can play for money or just play for the sake of it. You might think that roulette is a game where you need to have a lot of cash to take part, but that’s no longer the case. The rise of online casinos provides the opportunity to take part in roulette games for low stakes, or else choose the demo option to wager dummy cash.

In esports, the chance to play for real money has turned this into a huge, potentially lucrative industry. The highest-earning esports players in 2021 earned over $3 million in winnings, with The International being the most lucrative competition.

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A Mixture of Classics And New Games

Take a look at the most popular esports titles and you’ll see classic games like 2009’s League of Leagues and CS:GO from 2012. These long-established games are perfect for the esports world as there are so many players who play them and understand the gameplay perfectly.

If we check out this list of the best esports games for 2022 from PCMag, the newer titles on it include 2016’s King of Fighters XIV and 2019’s Mortal Kombat. As for the split between new and classic in roulette, this can be seen clearly thanks to the newer games with live-streamed human dealers and the others with computer-generated tables, which are generally older.

Bearing all of these points in mind, it’s clear that esports and roulette have some things in common but also a number of areas where there are major differences.

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