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Tech Giants Aim To Bring More Organization To The Metaverse

Several major technology companies are trying to bring some order to the metaverse. Microsoft, Huawei, Nvidia, Qualcomm, Sony Interactive Entertainment, Epic Games, Unity, Adobe, and Facebook parent company Meta have all joined forces to create a new organization called the Metaverse Standards Forum.

The overall goal of this entity is to create a set of industry standards that would make it possible to achieve an open metaverse. Additionally, the group will focus on action-based projects. This could include hackathons as well as the development of open source tools that accelerate the adoption and testing of metaverse standards.

“Multiple industry leaders have stated that the potential of the metaverse will be best realized if it is built on a foundation of open standards,” the forum said in a press release.

Thankfully, this organization is completely free to join and open to any business, meaning any company can join the Metaverse Standards Forum at a later date. However, some noteworthy companies were surprisingly absent from the founding members’ list.

Apple happened to be one of these companies, which is somewhat surprising since multiple publications have released reports over the last few years stating that the organization is looking to enter the virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality spaces. Other companies left off the list with massive metaverse aspirations include Niantic, the creator of Pokemon Go, the children’s gaming platform Roblox, and Google.

(All information was provided by Engadget and Reuters)

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