Leak Suggests A New Fornite Collaboration Coming Soon

The next collaboration coming to Fortnite might be with the hit survival horror game Dead by Daylight. In a recent Dot Esports article, the publication revealed that some prominent Fortnite data miners on Twitter were able to get their hands on images that appear to be of new cosmetics coming to the latest season of Fortnite.

One of the images shows a Fortnite llama piñata in the style of a charm featured in Dead by Daylight. According to Dot Esports, Fortnite gamers would be able to hang this pinata off their survivors or use it to decorate their meat hooks if they’re playing as a killer.

Another image clearly shows Meg Thomas, one of the main protagonists of the horror video game. The leakers said that Thomas could be available in Fortnite as a skin.

While this is all very exciting and rumors are continuing to swirl, it’s important to recognize that nothing has been officially set in stone by Epic or Dead by Daylight Developer Beahviour Interactive.

Dot Esports’ Christian Harrison suggests that somebody might have leaked these images online to reignite excitement around the collab because the deal had recently been losing traction. Unfortunately, it’ll be up to Epic Games and Behaviour Interactive to decide if this collaboration is worth pursuing further.

(all information was provided by Dot Esports and Google)

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