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A Look At Burberry’s Newest NFTs

Burberry has announced its newest NFT, a playable unicorn named Minny B, inspired by the house’s Animal Kingdom code. Minny B’s minting is the continuation of a collaboration between the luxury label and Mythical Games. Prior to Minny B, the two organizations created Sharky B, a shark-inspired avatar dressed in Burberry’s monogram prints.

“The metaverse provides limitless opportunities for us to flex our imagination and connect with our customers,” said Rachel Waller, Vice President of Channel Innovation at Burberry. “Luxury is an industry built on fantasy and expression, so in many ways, gaming is a canvas perfectly suited to bringing these dreams to life.”

While Minny B initially comes with a pre-set wardrobe, she can be customized within the metaverse where owners can give her accessories like branded boomboxes, TB sliders, a horseshoe necklace, and even a seashell mobile phone called the Shellphone.  

Burberry has also set up a social space called The Oasis, to accommodate its growing list of NFTs. Owners of either of the two NFTs are invited to explore the virtual space and connect with each other.

Minny B officially dropped on June 22nd and can be purchased for $349.99.

(All information was provided by Blankos and Input Mag)

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