Fnatic Launching College Program

One of the world’s most famous esports organizations is looking to enter the college gaming space. On June 24th, the British esports organization Fnatic announced it had launched a college partnership program in the United Kingdom to help provide young people with more points of entry into the global gaming space. When launched, the program will be available at three UK-based colleges: Havant and South Downs College, Access Creative College, and Queen Mary’s College.

Fnatic’s college program will focus on six key elements: lectures, networking events, real-world task completion, gear discounts, activations, and, finally, esports tournaments that offer Fnatic-themed prizes and rewards. Fnatic said that it created this program to ensure esports courses are widely available to those interested in becoming a part of the industry.

The college esports program will provide students with insights into the industry, skill development sessions for staffers and amateur esports athletes, and curriculum-focused web seminars hosted by Fantic athletes and content creators. There will even be partnership discounts available for certain pieces of Fnatic gear.

The Fnatic non-profit college esports partnership program will be launched at the three aforementioned schools this coming September. So, you better go sign up for the program now before all the slots are filled.

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(All information was provided by Esports News UK and Pearson)

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