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Nansen Connect, An Alternative To Discord?

Discord is the instant messaging platform of choice for gamers and the Web3 community at large, but frequent scams and phishing bots have become a major blemish on the platform. Enter crypto analytics platform Nansen, which believes it has the solution to connect communities in this space. Nansen Connect is the company’s new messaging app that lets users log in with a crypto wallet and then connect to groups based on their crypto holdings and the NFTs which they own. Nansen proudly describes the app as a “crypto-native communications hub” for the Web3 communities.

“Nansen is already a key informational hub for the crypto world, and our core offering—wallet labeling for 120 million Ethereum addresses alone—centers on surfacing the identities and behaviors in the noise of blockchain data,” said Paul Harwood, Product Manager at Nansen. “Creating a social product is a natural evolution for these core competencies. Users can hold influencers and other project leaders to account by monitoring treasuries and dumping in real time, and certain members may be elevated because they’re proven holders. All this information will be easily accessible, and we look forward to seeing how it shapes the conversation.”

Nansen has already become a hit with many NFT traders thanks to its “smart money” leaderboard and other features designed to keep the community up-to-date with what they, and top investors are doing with their holdings. Nansen Connect will draw from on-chain data to provide users and communities with useful context like seeing the crypto net worth of an individual or find out if an influencer has dumped token holdings. 

Harwood says that Nansen Connect will “help mitigate some of the security flaws we see across the ecosystem.” He says that because the service requires a wallet connection that enables access only to certain groups, means that “only proven members” can gain access to certain communities.

Nansen Connect plans to start with a limited base of users which include subscribers as well as high profile Ethereum NFTs like Bored Ape Yacht Club, Moonbirds, Doodles, Azuki, and CloneX. Nansen says more communities will be onboarded in the future.

Nansen has also confirmed that several NFT projects have plans to use Nansen Connect as an official community platform. Those committed include Pudgy Penguins, Hashmasks, KaijuKingz, and CyberKongz.

(All information was provided by Decrypt)

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