Pennsylvania Looking To Develop Its Esports Ecosystem With New Grant

Through the Northeastern Pennsylvania (NEPA) STEM Ecosystem, the Chester County Intermediate Unit (CCIU) was given a $500,000 grant to develop the esports ecosystem in the state. The CCIU runs the Pennsylvania Scholastic Esports League (PSEL), which provides students in the state with college and career opportunities through esports.

The CCIU will use the grant money to organize esports-related events like tournaments and other STEM-driven competitions, with the hope that it will help underserved students find a place of belonging coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Through our leadership of the Pennsylvania Scholastic Esports League, we look forward to growing our statewide partnerships and collaboration through this grant, knowing that we will be able to bring esports, STEM, and a sense of belonging to students across the Commonwealth with this work,” said Kammas Kersch, STEM Services Coordinator and Director of the PSEL.

By actively developing these esports communities, the CCIU and PSEL hope to grant all students of all backgrounds equal access to equipment and opportunities to grow their skills.

(All information was provided by Daily Local News)

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