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Amouranth Launches Company To Assist Content Creators

Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa isn’t just a Twitch streamer. She also used to be a content creator for OnlyFans. So, she knows a thing or two about the effort that goes into becoming a world-famous content creator. Now, after throwing millions of dollars into a slew of businesses, it sounds like she’s looking to make a splash in the creator space with her new company.

Known as Real Work, this agency was created in order to help connect content creators with remote or physical personnel staffers. In a Twitter post, she explained that this company was launched to essentially provide content creators with personal assistants.

“We here at Real Work know how difficult and complex the digital space can be to manage, especially on your own,” reads the company’s mission statement. “That’s why we will work to offload any unnecessary labor, managing your accounts by your specifications, so you can spend your time on more important matters.”

Amouranth is a 28-year-old internet celebrity from Houston, Texas. As of this writing, she has over 5.6 million Twitch subscribers.

The Profit‘s Take:

This proves that there are still so many unexplored territories, ideas, and companies in and around the gaming/content creation space. It’s clear that there are still untapped businesses in the world of content creation. She has explained (many times) that she has a minimum of three assistants at all times so that she can stream 10+ hours a day. However, any marketplace like this is a two-sided business: you need content creators AND personal assistants. Therefore, I think these businesses are harder to scale because you have to make two sales, one to the content creator and another to the assistants. It’s not always easy to feed both sides of the marketplace. Still, some of the best businesses are born out of personal necessity. You create something that you use and make it available to other people. That’s one of the best ways to start a new company. Here’s the thing, though. If I’m hypothetically paying to DM Amouranth, and I end up getting a response from her assistant, then I didn’t really get the service I paid for. That could create issues and result in some disgruntled customers in the future.

(All information was provided by Ginx TV, Real Work, Twitch, and Wikipedia)

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