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Florida NFT Start-up Launches Its First Project

Tampa-based NFT start-up CollectCoin is launching its first project, Cryptic Genie Society, which provides real-world value by combining its NFT art collection with a 3D game, The Dungeon. Built on the Ethereum blockchain, each “genie-master,” or token holder is given an exclusive membership to The Dungeon, an immersive 3D game that will incorporate into the metaverse and allow its players to win “treasures” and prizes.

“It is a very interesting and challenging game,” said Emily Julian, Co-Founder of CollectCoin. “It’s not just a JPEG file – it has utility attached to the art itself.”

Cryptic Genie is available for download on PCs and mobile devices. The cost to mint a Cryptic Genie is .06 ether, or about $65.

Meanwhile, The Dungeon is available to download for free on PC and Android devices.

(All information was provided by Cryptic Genie Society and The St. Pete Catalyst)

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