Geekay Opens First Store In Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Entertainment retailer and distributor Geekay Group has opened its first store in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, located at the Riyadh Parkmall. The new store offers new experiences and access to pop culture brands that are popular in the region. Given how popular esports and gaming are in Saudi Arabia, it was only a matter of time before Geekay found itself a home in the Kingdom.

“We are delighted to finally announce our entry into the long-awaited Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,” said Kishan Palija, CEO of Geekay Group. “Our first store in Riyadh will give fans the best of both casual and professional gaming, as well as pop culture and entertainment. We are committed to providing the latest in the world. New store openings are also an opportunity to reach new channels and better serve KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) customers. Long-standing support for our vision in the GCC market. We look forward to interacting with everyone who has come and we look forward to working together to broaden our brand.”

With this new store, Geekay now operates 35 stores in the Emirates, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, and Qatar. But this certainly does not sound like the last store they plan on opening in Saudi Arabia.

“We’ve been observing for years, and all the valuable feedback we get from our loyal customers shows the kingdom’s wealth of talent,” said Nimi Palija, COO of Geekay Group. “KSA gamers are passionate about their skills. We are devoted to it. We are finally pleased to be in the same arena as them and look forward to working together on some unforgettable experiences. There is much more to come at Geekay. Always say it’s exciting.”

(All information was provided by Worldakkam)

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