Does India’s Gaming Industry Need More Regulations?

According to Nazara Technologies’ founder Nitish Mittersain, India’s online gaming industry needs clarity on regulation and taxation. While many games do have this clarity and are purely games of skill, there is ambiguity around many others that need to be labeled (or not, depending) as games of chance.

“Some games like cricket, where there are a lot of reflexes required to play the game, are very clearly games of skill, like our World Cricket Championship game,” said Mittersain. “Then there are games like today’s very popular Ludo, where it is a bit debatable whether it’s a game of skill or game of chance… If better guidance can come in terms of what is permitted and what is not permitted, then companies like us can aggressively invest in games of skill without worrying.”

Mittersain added that the Indian government has been working hard to establish responsible gaming and keep its consumers protected:

“I think that’s extremely important. We would definitely want such regulations that protect consumers. What is missing and now, with the recent developments, hopefully, will emerge, is more clarity.”

When there is no clarity, he says, companies like Nazara find it difficult to invest in or build these businesses. Unfortunately, many offshore companies tend to take advantage of it, with no taxes being generated for the country.

“So it’s a lose-lose proposition,” continued Mittersain. “Clear regulation on what can be done or can’t be done, clarity on taxation, etc., will really help this industry develop in the right manner.”

(All information was provided by Moneycontrol)

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