Pakistan’s Number One 4G Operator Launches Esports Platform

Pakistan’s number one 4G operator Jazz has launched esports platform, GameNow Esports, which will serve as a virtual meeting point for gamers where top streamers and players can connect and compete in multiple titles.

GameNow Esports will also feature a space for premium content like NFTs, merchandise, promotional vouchers, and discounts on gaming sites. Moreover, the platform will sponsor esports teams looking to compete in local and international tournaments.

“Globally, esports is not a new phenomenon with the market expected to reach $3.5 Billion by 2027,” said Rizwan Fazal, Head of Marketing at Jazz. “In Pakistan, revenue generation through video game segment is projected to hit $208 million mark in 2022. GameNow is a platform developed to exclusively promote esports in the country by providing the youth a chance to showcase and hone their skills, so they can go on to represent Pakistan in global competitions. This is a big step in our digital operator journey, as we provide subscribers an ecosystem of digital solutions catering to their lifestyle choices.”

GameNow Esports is already offering users the opportunity to compete in Pro League Season 1, which they can do for free. The competitions themselves will be broadcast live on GameNow Esports’ official social media handles, with each match including a wealth of industry renowned analysts, casters, and players.

For those who compete and win, Jazz will send them the money via Jazz Cash or direct bank transfer. Registration is now open.

(All information was provided by Dispatch News Desk)

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