kariESPORTS Launches Brand New Organization

Kariann Tan has launched kariESPORTS, an organization centered on providing and empowering amateur content creators with the skills and tools they need to grow and succeed in the industry.

“I’m super stoked to be getting involved,” said Tan, the Founder of kariESPORTS. “There has been a lot of doubt and qualms cast with regards to starting a grassroots organization given the difficulties of converting VC funds into a sustainable system while entertaining profitability from an organizational perspective. I’m here to reiterate, however, as it stands, that I am only interested in building a small, motivated community that seeks to hone in on their skills. Money comes later.”

The brand new organization has outlined three major goals it wants to accomplish this summer in order to increase its revenue and visibility. Those are:

  • To sign an advanced CS:GO team
  • To sign a stream team
  • To develop the organization’s growth by engaging in potential partnerships with brands and sponsors

(All information was provided by Inven Global)

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