Building A Career In Game Development: How, Pros, And Cons

Any coin has two sides, and game development is not an exception in this case. It has both advantages and disadvantages. If you want to realize your aspirations and are focused on the benefits, it is certainly necessary to know more about the subject.

Reviewing all aspects is essential in this case. This can dramatically help you while making your first and next steps in game development. To help with overcoming possible difficulties, JatApp professionals ready to share useful info on the matter. In this article, we will answer the question “Is game development a good career?”

One Small Remark

At the early start, it is necessary to distinguish two similar but not the same jobs – game developer and game designer. The latter is a person who designs a game from its idea to the ready concept. In a nutshell, a game developer definition is simple – this is a person who realizes the concept made by a game designer, from the technical perspective. So, game developers are programmers solely – they work with one or a couple of programming languages to make a game work.

We will not concentrate separately on video game designer pros and cons in this article. But, among definite game designer benefits, there is an opportunity to realize creativity in full. If this aspect touches you more, it is better to look at game design more attentively. If you are more about programming, then continue reading this article. And we will start with the definite benefits of becoming a game developer.

Pros Of Building A Career In Game Development

Being a game developer is good because of these things:

  • Bring your passion for programming into practice. If you are good at coding, it is needed to transform these skills into concrete results. Why? Because they are almost useless without concrete end products. Perhaps, passion is exactly something that drives you to read content on the subject now. 
  • Flexible job mode. This is a dream option for many people who are tired of office routines or simply appreciate independence a lot in arranging their work schedule. Remote communication has proven to be effective in this case. Self-organization and dedication are single things needed to make a flexible job mode work.
  • Definite source of joy. Playing games is a joyful thing. And if you are here, you are probably aware of that. But, making games is the next level for sure. Many current game developers decided someday in the past to turn their passions into jobs. 
  • Formal education is not needed strongly in this case. The industry is more about skills than about degrees. The single aspect that really matters is how fast you can learn. 
  • Decent payment. Any good effort is highly rewarding in the industry. The market is constantly expanding and growing. These dynamic changes encourage game developers to create new and new things.

Cons Of Building A Career In Game Development

The option of being a game developer has also some disadvantages:

  • It may take too long to find and fix some bugs. This needs an enormous amount of patience, willpower, and, of course, time.
  • Lots of skills are needed and they can be developed only through years of practice. Focus and dedication are especially valuable in this case. 
  • The industry develops fast and the competition is high here. 
  • Programming is often a monotonous job. Be prepared for that. Dedication helps.

If these disadvantages are not frightening you and you already think about where to start game development, wait a minute. There is also a set of skills needed – you should be aware of them before starting. 

If “Yes”: Skills Needed To Start Your Path As A Game Developer

If you have the intent of getting into game development, these skills are must-have ones:

  • Programming skills – these are core and essentials in game development. Strong and solid programming skills are required to create any good game. So, reading, practicing, and upgrading coding skills are must-haves. Passing online courses, like Coursera or Udemy, is a good solution to enhance your background.
  • Time-management skills – if we speak about effective game development, managing time and priorities are must-have aspects. Completing separate works and stages as intended is important as well. Any future and current game developer should keep this in mind.
  • Communication skills – even if you are a PRO coder, communication still remains crucial in this case. Developing games is always teamwork. It is always needed to communicate and discuss ideas, thoughts, and visions effectively. 
  • Problem-solving skills – you will face coding problems, be prepared for that. As the experience shows, considering those as challenges helps with overcoming such a lot. There was probably no game in history that was bug-free.

Final Words

Being a game developer is a promising thing. This dynamic industry introduces enormous opportunities for self-realization and gaining other benefits. Even if this job is always associated with monotonous work, detecting bugs, and high competition, the number of advantages is still greater. It is easy to gain the necessary background even without formal education – how fast you learn is the single point that matters. It is possible to bring your passion for coding from your hobby to a job. Having a decent salary for that is another pretty good thing in this case. A flexible schedule is another aspect that adds points in favor of the decision to start a career in game development. And of course, enjoying the process and the result of work, sometimes hard, is another good thing in this case. Gaining and enhancing programming, communication, time-management, and problem-solving skills are essential to enjoy all benefits and overcome challenges at ease. 

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