Meta Makes Sizeable Donation To Black Gaming Creators

Meta has pledged $10 million to the Black Gaming Creator Program, a space “to help up-and-coming black creators elevate their work.”

“Meta’s Black Gaming Creator Program was launched in December of 2020, pledging to support the black gaming community through $10 million funding ($5 million for two years) in Los Angeles and beyond,” said Catherine Coddington, Head of Creative Partnerships at Meta North America. “The program aims to equip the next generation of black gaming creators with funding, mentorship and training opportunities, and other resources to express their creativity and build a community on Facebook Gaming.”

The Black Gaming Creator Program represents only a small portion of Meta’s $200 million commitment to support black-owned business. According to Coddington, there was already $100 million in practice in 2020.

She added that at the moment, Meta is not working with any other major gaming organizations at this time.

(All information was provided by The Los Angeles Sentinel)

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