Destiny 2 Developer Suing Video Game Streamer

Bungie Inc. is reportedly suing streamer and Twitter personality Luca Leone for $150,000. This comes after the company alleged he cheated while playing their games, threatened to burn down Bungie’s headquarters, and even went so far as to threaten the safety of an employee.

The lawsuit alleges Leone used third-party software to “gain an unfair advantage by players without the skill or integrity to succeed at the game on their own merit and a level playing field.” In turn, the company claims that this “ruins the experience of playing Destiny 2 for Bungie’s large community of honest gamers.”

The lawsuit also claims that Leone threatened Bungie community manager Dylan Gafner. The organization alleges Leone tweeted that he lived 30 minutes away from Gafner and that “he is not safe.”

The allegations against Leone didn’t stop there. In fact, the lawsuit says Leone allegedly threatened to burn down Bungie’s headquarters in Seattle, Washington.

“As Bungie has demonstrated repeatedly, it will not allow its game, its community, or its employees to be abused, defrauded, or threatened,” the lawsuit reads. “Leone has done all three, and this action is the consequence.”

(All information was provided by Comicbook Gaming and New York Post)

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