Respawn Working On Apex-Based Single Player Game

It sounds like Respawn Entertainment is currently developing a new first-person shooter game set in the Apex Legends universe. This comes after several job listings looking for developers to work on the project were posted to the Respawn website.

A year ago, Respawn Entertainment announced plans to make a new game set in a “unique universe.” However, it is still unclear if this is the project they were referring to.

One job listing, for a senior engine/systems designer role, describes the game as an “Apex Universe FPS Incubation title.” Moreover, the posting said that hired individuals will be tasked with overseeing a “wide variety of systems, including collision, physics, audio,” and other developmental aspects. Other job listings describe the game as a “brand new Respawn single-player adventure.”

It’s also possible that this project will be set in the Titanfall universe. Unfortunately, we’ll just have to wait longer before finding out more about this title since Respawn Entertainment has done a good job of limiting public info on the game.

(All information was provided by Dexerto [1,2])

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