Leaker Reveal New Points Of Interest In Fortnite

Thanks to prominent Fortnite leaker iFireMonkey, we’ve learned of some cool new points of interest (POI) changes coming to Sleepy Sound, Condo Canyon, and The Daily Bugle as the Reality Bloom spreads. The Reality Bloom is consuming major POIs in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3, and we’ll look at how it’s all going down, starting with Sleepy Sound.

The first POI to experience the effects of the Reality Bloom, Sleepy Sound will soon be renamed “Sleepy Shrubs,” and will have four styles: Frontier, Coliseum, Coral, and Neo.

Once Sleepy Sound has been taken over, next on the docket will be Condo Canyon. Like Sleepy Sound, it will also comprise of four styles: Frontier, Coliseum, Coral, and Lazy Lagoon. iFireMonkey did not provide us with a rename for Condo Canyon, but did mention that the developers have already “added an image that will be overlayed on the minimap,” which will be used for when the roots start heading towards Condo Canyon.  

The last POI to feel the effects of Reality Blooms will be The Daily Bugle, which admittedly iFireMonkey had fewer details on. He did however share some images detailing a backend code which mentions an asset named “Bugle_Roots,” which should be a good indication that the POI will get overhauled.

Anyone interested in seeing the leaked photographs should visit iFireMonkey’s official Twitter, where he’ll undoubtedly be adding even more information on the upcoming season as it comes in.

(All information was provided by GINX Esports TV)

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