Russia To Open State-Run Esports School

The government in Novosibirsk, Russia announced plans to open the first ever state-run esports school, and according to its official Telegram channel, “dozens of athletes” have already enrolled. Interestingly, the program requires more than just esports skills for its applicants. The entry requirements stipulate that interested parties must not only be good at games, but also athletics.

Male applicants must prove their ability to run three kilometers in less than 15 minutes, and perform 33 sit-ups and 25 squats without stopping. Women must be able to run two kilometers in less than 12 minutes, and perform 32 sit-ups and 23 squats without stopping.

As bizarre as that might sound, these requirements do in fact line up with the country’s “Federal Standards of Computer Sports Training” published this January which mandate that “cybersports” training be separated into “general and specialized physical training,” in addition to “technical, tactical, theoretical, and psychological training.”

The school will be providing students with a long and oddly-specific list of equipment which includes monitors with a refresh rate of 144 hertz and a response time of no more than one millisecond, and wired mice with a dots-per-inch rating of exactly 16,000.

The desks and chairs even have to be a certain height off the ground.

(All information was provided by TheGamer)

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