VALORANT Masters Copenhagen Is Raising The Bar

The VALORANT Masters is one of the most popular tournaments in the world, but for many of the fans who traveled hundreds of miles to Copenhagen, Denmark to attend, they might be out of luck.

A recent update to the event requires all fans in attendance to be of rank Silver 1 or higher. Fans have broken out into a frenzy, now uncertain of their chances to enjoy the VALORANT Masters in person, even after purchasing their tickets.

“Someone pls help me I have spent 1k to get to this event im curently iron 2 pls someone can boost me,” tweeted one upset fan in response.

It’s unclear why this decision was made to restrict in-person attendance, but it’s surely going to result in a lot of questions from fans, and…possibly some refunded tickets as well.

(All information was provided by The Bridge and Twitter)

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