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Blockchain Gaming Company ILCOIN Launches Play-To-Earn Game

Blockchain gaming project ILCOIN has launched Clash of ILCOIN, a new play-to-earn game which combines elements from collectible card games and tower defense. The new game further expands the ILCOIN multiverse, which consists of the company’s two previous releases, and introduces a galaxy full of aliens and factions. Users must pick sides and play as earth defenders, or learn the ways of the villainous space pirates.

According to ILCOIN, the goal of their development team was to create a unique game for users in the crypto world that would give a special role to the company as well. Developers wanted to make sure that the game would help them stand out among the onslaught of play-to-earn games currently flooding the blockchain market. But the team has proudly stated that Clash of ILCOIN has what it takes to be a “major league player.”

Clash of ILCOIN can be downloaded from the App Store, and will soon be available in Google Play, although a firm date has not yet been set.

(All information was provided by Cointelegraph)

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