Mobile Applications To Help You Graduate College

College can be stressful at times, but thanks to smartphones and their respective apps, things are easier than they used to be. Educational mobile apps can help you learn, alleviate some of that stress, and even improve the power of concentration, memory, creativity, teamwork, and languages. We wanted to provide you with a list of some of these apps that can help ensure that you receive your diploma as smoothly and seamlessly as possible, so without further ado…

RefME is an app that makes the process of finding and citing resources more effectively and less time consuming. The app features thousands of open educational resources that are perfect for academic reading and other research, and is much more time-effective than scrolling through hundreds of platforms to find relevant learning materials. The app can export referencing styles like APA, RSC, MLA, Harvard, and Chicago.

Evernote can help with the challenge of note-taking and task management by helping you create, organize, and compile notes, all-the-while ensuring you are managing all other tasks as well. Evernote lets you create notes from texts, photographs, drawings, audio footage, and even online web content. After creating the notes, you can store them in electronic notebooks which can be annotated, linked with attachments, and tagged with labels for easy retrieval for editing. Plus, these notebooks can be exported to other devices.

Forest is a time management app that can help you achieve great focus. It uses a unique approach to help you stay focused when you need some “alone time” to get some much-needed studying done. Whenever you’re ready to start studying, you plant a tree in your “forest” on the app. The more you ignore your phone, the more it will grow. If you touch your phone before the end of the allotted study period, the tree will die.

Mathway is the app that everyone who struggles with mathematics should be using. If you encounter any problematic equation or something of the like, all you have to do is type your math problem into Mathway, or upload a picture of the same, and the app will solve it for you!

Dragon Box, like Mathway, helps with math, but turns it into a game! Dragon Box uses several visual elements to make solving algebraic equations interesting. The game involves visualizing two sides that are available in a closed system. You have then to remove the unnecessary components and then balance the equation. The visualization process is aimed at keeping students both prepped, and entertained while they tackle difficult equations.

Mind Snacks helps those trying to learn a foreign language through a creative memorization game. Mind Snacks aims to create learning through repetition through touch game options, that will save you hours over using traditional flashcards.

GameStar Mechanic is for the student who wants to be the next game designer. GameStar Mechanic makes this challenging field much more understandable by developing creative game designing instincts and providing logical steps presented in games that allow you to learn different designing skills effortlessly. The app allows you to create your own game, share it with friends, and play together. GameStar Mechanic aims to create a community of designers around you whom you can consult when you are having any kinds of issues with designing concepts.

Code Spells helps students in their quest to learn…coding. Code Spells functions as a game in which you help gnome characters to complete several tasks. Gnomes use magic, but magic spells are in java code, making for a much easier way to learn a very difficult concept.

And finally, Mindblown Life is something that everyone, not just students can put to use. Mindblown Life helps enhance your money management skills via a game where you invest in a virtual environment. The game focuses on how to manage both your financial and professional life, and can be played with friends as well.

Hopefully for you students out there, you can find something useful through one or more of these apps. I know they would have made my time in college much easier, and on top of that, more fun!

(All information was provided by GamingLyfe)

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