Check Out This New Sci-Fi, Esports Thriller

Debut author Tory Quinn’s MegaDeath, is a new sci-fi thriller that explores the future of high-stakes gaming, which has now officially hit the shelves. The book takes place in 2112, where traditional warfare has been replaced by a worldwide esports tournament.

The main character, Megan Mori, is the best gamer in the world, and is competing for North America in the tournament which takes place every four years. Winners become heroes, and losers get put to death. But with patriotic fervor spinning out of control, and millions of fans literally betting their lives on the outcome of MegaDeath, Mori starts to sense something deeper and more sinister unfolding.

Now for Mori, still haunted by the death of her daughter, she must find a way to rally her fellow gamers against a threat that could end humanity as we know it.

If this sounds like a good read to you, we suggest picking up your copy today! As of this writing, you can get the Kindle version for only $3.99, and a hard copy for $18.95 on Amazon.

(All information was provided by Amazon and The Kilgore News Herald)

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