Discord Finally Brings Voice Chat To Xbox Users

Discord is officially bringing voice chat to Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One, and users of the console(s) are thrilled to finally be joining the party. To join a Discord voice channel, one must connect your Xbox account to Discord, join a voice channel on Discord mobile, select the “Join on Xbox” option from Discord on your phone, and once in the app, which will open automatically following the last step, you must select “Transfer Audio.” Back in Discord, select “Transfer voice to this device,” and you’re all set!

Granted, it is a lot of steps, but it’s still early in the launch, and with all the testing still taking place, maybe it will get more streamlined and easier in the future.

Unfortunately for PlayStation users, there is still no word on bringing Discord voice chat to your machines, odd considering Sony bought a big ol’ chunk of Discord last year. That partnership does make it very likely that PlayStation users will eventually get their voice chat set-ups someday, but when is anybody’s guess.

(All information was provided by PCGamer)

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