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African Play-To-Earn Gaming Platform Receives Significant Investment

Cardano’s ecosystem accelerator Adverse has made a major investment in African blockchain gaming guild and decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), Afriguild.

Adverse was launched in 2021 for the specific purpose of providing opportunities and financial support to the next generation of African Web3 start-ups. The company clearly sees big things in Afriguild, whose mission is to onboard 100 million Africans into Web3 over the course of the next five years.

Adverse’s Founding Partner Vincent Li spoke excitedly about the collaboration with Afriguild, which aims to become the “LinkedIn” of the metaverse, “a Web3 hub that connects Africans to multiple earning opportunities on the metaverse with play-to-earn models and a marketplace where game developers are directly connected to hire the services of scholars, gamers, testers, and all kinds of contributors.” Vincent explained that “through this partnership, Afriguild will expand its operations across Africa and surpass its five-year goal of empowering one hundred million Africans with the means to build wealth with available resources.”

The exact amount that Adverse invested in Afriguild is still unknown at this time.

(All information was provided by Watcher Guru)

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