Meet Sylvia Gathoni, Kenya’s First Pro Gamer Signed To An Esports Company

Esports companies XiT Woundz and YUY recently signed Sylvia “QueenArrow” Gathoni to their roster, making her the first (female) Kenyan pro gamer to achieve such a feat. The 24-year old law school graduate has made her bones in Tekken, a fighting game in a very male-dominated tournament circuit, where she fights as the character Ling Xiaoyu.

Since winning her first major tournament in 2019, QueenArrow has risen through the ranks, earning money, fame, and influence. As a female pro, QueenArrow has fought against being relegated to one label, saying she wants to be defined on her own terms.  

“I insist on being recognised as an esport athlete, not a female esport athlete,” said QueenArrow. “I bring my mental strengths to the table, not my physical strengths, and that way it shouldn’t be segregated (by) gender.”

More than that, she also wants to use her newly-acquired law degree to change legislation and improve the reputation of the gaming industry.

“The laws and the policies don’t help matters, because it also (feeds) the perception that, you know, gaming is gambling,” added QueenArrow.

(All information was provided by The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and Reuters)

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