This Company Hosted Its First-Ever Esports Tournament

SAP recently hosted its first esports event in Berlin, the SAP Community Esports tournament, which brought in a massive audience. Already the successful Dota 2 tournament has organizers talking about taking it global next year.  

“It is the first time SAP owned an esports event, making this experience so unique,” said Martin Heinig, Managing Director of SAP Labs Berlin. “It excites me to see how we were able to bring together students and SAP employees to see them play against each other and contribute to their gaming success with SAP technologies, such as in-game data analytics. I’m very proud that SAP Labs Berlin hosted this special event.”

The tournament was both in-person and live-streamed, with more than 100 gamers taking part. More than 230 guests were in attendance, with 2,500 viewers watching on Twitch, and 420,000 more people joining in on various social media platforms.

(All information was provided by SAP News Center)

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