Development Of Star Wars Remake Paused Indefinitely

According to a recent report from Bloomberg, work on the upcoming remake of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic has been paused indefinitely. This comes after the studio working on the title, Aspyr Media, reportedly fired the game’s art director and design director in July.

Bloomberg is saying that the two heads of the studio told employees that the development of the game is being paused indefinitely. Moreover, the company is currently in the midst of seeking out new contracts and development opportunities.

Bloomberg said that a finalized demo of the game, otherwise known as a vertical slice, was presented to production partners at Lucasfilm and Sony on June 30th. And, while developers were reportedly excited about the game and felt they were on track, those feelings were not echoed by the partners. A week after that demo, design director Brad Prince and art director Jason Minor were fired.

Bloomberg did reach out to both individuals for a request for comment. And, while neither person responded to that request, a social media post from Minor suggested his dismissal “was unexpected.”

Bloomberg claims that Aspyr’s studio heads didn’t think the project was where it needed to be, resulting in the game’s indefinite pause. While there were hopes that the game would be coming out towards the end of this year, Bloomberg reports the developers are saying a more realistic release period would now be 2025.

(All information was provided by BNN Bloomberg and IGN)

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