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Would You Accept Advertising In The Metaverse?

A new survey polled 1,000 US gamers (excluding mobile gamers) about their feelings towards advertising in the metaverse. Around 35% said they were comfortable with advertising, while 25% were undecided, and 46% were uncomfortable with the idea. 44% of respondents said that they would accept advertising in the metaverse as long as it meant they would be given free access to apps, games, and places within the game.

Additionally, 40% of surveyed gamers prefer a mix of playing and earning in the metaverse, while 11% are more focused on earning than gaming. The remaining 49% were more interested in gaming, which ultimately suggests that over half of gamers see value of a play-to-earn mode.

The survey also delved into the potential of the metaverse, where 52% of gamers believed that the concept of the metaverse will change the video games industry, 40% agree that the hype around the metaverse is warranted, while 41% feel that it will have a positive effect on gaming, compared to 25% who disagreed with that sentiment.

The biggest takeaway from this report is the split opinions on the current and future state of the metaverse. Despite the heightened interest, its fundamental concept is still very nebulous. But with concerts, fashion shows, and virtual real estate making their way into popular games like Fortnite, it’s clear that the metaverse will, for now at least, continue to grow.

(All information was provided by Pocket Gamer)

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