Streaming Has Basically Become A Second Job For This Rapper

A world-famous musician claims he makes hundreds of thousands of dollars each month by playing video games. During a recent episode of the Millon Dollaz Worth of Game podcast, rapper Tee Grizzley said that he makes almost $200,000 a month by simply streaming video games on YouTube.

Grizzley started out by explaining that he got into gaming because he was sitting around the house bored during the COVID-19 Pandemic, like most of us. Eventually, some friends told him that he should start streaming some of his matches because people wouldn’t believe how good he was. Once Grizzley saw how much money people were making off of video game streams, he decided to take this endeavor much more seriously.

Tee Grizzley was put onto gaming by a Canadian friend who told him that he could make an extra $5,000 a month from streams. As it turns out, this ended up being a pretty good idea since Grizzley said he was able to easily surpass that amount. As he put it so colorfully, he has been able to make almost $50,000 a week just by streaming Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto.

Even though you could now consider him a professional streamer, Tee Grizzley is still a rapper first and foremost. Just a few months ago, he released his latest mixtape entitled Half Tee Half Beast.

(All information was provided by Google and XXL Mag)

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