FIA Not Yet Finished With Gran Turismo

With speculation raging over severed ties between Gran Turismo and FIA, motor racing’s governing body, FIA wants to make it clear that this is not the end. Talking heads had noticed that FIA’s name had disappeared from the most recent Gran Turismo tournament, and the rumor mill instantly began to churn. But at a recent launch event for Motorsport Games, Frederic Bertrand, FIA’s Director of Formula E and Innovative Sport Activities Department, explained that this omission was blown way out of proportion.

Bertrand said that the FIA’s governing body had agreed with Kazunori Yamauchi, Gran Turismo’s Chief, to put the partnership on hold until Gran Turismo 7’s new platform was more stable.

“It’s not ended,” said Bertrand. “For Motorsport Games, the difficulty we had at that moment is that they were not necessarily ready to support the live event as we wanted, because of Gran Turismo 7 and everything. So we agreed with them that we will work with Assetto Corsa for this one. It’s also easier for us, because it’s more open to many countries. But we still work with Gran Turismo on plenty of other projects. So no, it’s not an end. It’s just an acceptance of non exclusive approach, and we feel that esports needs to be more open. That’s what we agreed with Kazunori-san. It’s agreed, and it’s done in a perfect Japanese nice way!”

Since Gran Turismo 7’s March release, the game has been beset by glitches and problems with the online experience in lobbies. But once that’s all settled, the two parties will look to re-engage.

“I will send my guys and if we feel it’s ready, we’ll move on again,” added Bertrand. “And then we will probably have another project early first quarter of next year with Gran Turismo. At the moment it is difficult, but they have been super honest with us, telling us they need to concentrate on that one first. So we said, ‘okay, let’s make it easy.’ We need anyway something for Motorsport Games, so we said we have an alternative option. We will go on this one. And then we keep on going forward with development for 2023 with something which is at the level we all expect.”

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