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Logitech’s New Accessories Aim To Make Gaming More Inclusive

Logitech recently unveiled its brand new Aurora collection of gaming accessories. With the goal of making the gaming space more inclusive, this lineup of peripherals will be designed with a wide array of colors, body types, battery capacities, and prices.

“Turn heads. Explore new worlds. Have fun. With unmatched comfort, a dreamy aesthetic, and gaming-grade performance this collection has everything you need to play your best,” the Aurora collection website reads. “Come as you are. Make it your own. Customize and organize your gaming gear to match your playstyle and play space. Go all-in on Pink Dawn or Green Flash, or mix and match to really stand out.”

This collection is made up of four peripherals: a gaming headset, two keyboards, and a wireless gaming mouse. If you buy a keyboard, mouse, and headset, that’ll cost you almost $500.

These products, which are available for pre-order now, range in price from $99.99 to $229.99. However, different color combinations and designs will cost you extra money.

The Profit‘s Take:

This really bothered me. In a world where we talk about inclusivity and gaming accessibility, this feels like the bottom of the barrel in terms of strategy and thinking. They jacked up the price, lowered the battery life simply and made the products a different color. I know I come from a place of privilege, but this was kind of offensive to me. They’re basically saying if you’re a woman, and you like this product, then you aren’t that serious of a gamer or don’t care about performance. They have no problem charging more money for a worse product simply because the color pattern looks feminine. This is the biggest misstep Logitech has made. They’re completely lost at sea. They haven’t made a good accessory in like three years. I don’t get what their strategy is. They’re failing on performance and price. No female esports athlete would ever use this. This feels INCREDIBLY cheap and the opposite of gender inclusivity. Nobody should be buying Logitech accessories right now. I used to think they were at the cutting edge of technology. But, it’s clear they’ve completely lost their way.

(All information was provided by Logitech [1,2], Logitech G, and The Verge)

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