The Intel Arc Gaming Bus Is Coming To Colorado

The Intel Arc gaming bus will be making its long-awaited debut in late September at LANfest in Colorado. While the outside of the bus is coated in “Arc High Performance Graphics” logos, the interior is still a work in progress.

Intel is preparing to equip the bus with as many as 30 gaming stations, featuring Alder Lake desktop based systems with support for discrete GPUs. The company had previously teased the inclusion of NUC 12 Extremes receiving Arc dGPUs, but the desktop series has been delayed for quite sometime, so there’s no way of knowing if they’ll be ready upon the bus’s final launch.

Intel has partnered with SteelSeries, who will provide gaming peripherals, and AOC, who will sponsor the bus’s gaming monitors. Intel also partnered with BackForce, who will stock the bus’s gaming chairs.

(All information was provided by VideoCardz)

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