A Major Tech Company Is Entering The Gaming Accessories World

Japanese tech giant Yamaha is making a push into the world of gaming with a new line of peripherals that should excite all gamers. The company recently unveiled a gaming headset and a mixer with some cool software to accompany each device.

The ZG01 gaming mixer is USB-accessible and provides full controls over game sounds, voice chat, and personal voice levels, in addition to offering various vocal effects, 3D surround sound, and modes dedicated to competitive game. The mixer connects to PCs, consoles, and smartphones.

The YH-G01 headset makes full use of the mixer’s features, and includes a condenser microphone and boom mic. It’s light and portable form factor make it ideal for long gaming sessions.

Both the mixer and headset integrate with Yamaha’s new ZG controller software, which allows you to set personal audio profiles for both the mixer and headset, making it so you can tweak all the various effects to create some unique sounds.

The new line is now available and can be purchased directly from Yamaha individually, or in combo packs to save a few dollars.

(All information was provided by Lifewire)

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