Facebook Gaming’s Numbers Are Trending Up, Twitch’s Are Falling

According to StreamElements’ “State of the Stream” report, Twitch hours watched numbers continued their downward trend in June after a poor start to 2022. Twitch posted 1.7 billion hours watched in June, down about 6% from 1.81 billion in May. The live streaming platform began the year with more than two billion hours watched, but that number has been sliding every since.

On the other hand, Facebook Gaming saw modest growth in May, and followed it up with a huge June, with hours watched up 21% to 425 million. StreamElements attributes the difference in trends to different focuses between the two platforms. While Twitch has historically emphasized PC and console titles, Facebook Gaming has been more focused on emerging markets.

“YouTube’s top ten games lean more heavily into mobile titles while their VTuber creators have risen to the top much faster, and while Twitch hasn’t made many headline-making creator acquisitions in awhile, YouTube has maintained a steady cadence of talent grabs,” said Jason Krebs, Chief Business Officer at StreamElements.

The report also included YouTube Gaming June’s report, which showed the platform had 290 million hours of live gaming video watched during the month.

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