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This Crypto Project Opened A Storefront In New York City

Solana has officially opened a permanent retail store at The Shops in Hudson Yards, Manhattan. The store is 100% crypto-themed. “Solana Pay Accepted Here” is posted on the storefront, and features an interactive installation which displays what’s happening on the Solana blockchain. Customers can watch live as transactions are made and NFTs are minted on screen.

Solana’s store has various stations aimed at onboarding people to the crypto space, like a private booth for people to set up a Phantom wallet and write down their seed phrase on a tiny card for safe keeping.

Other stations gave tutorials on various platforms, play-to-earn apps, NFT marketplaces, and more. And for Solana fans who want to rock the brand, there’s branded merch everywhere in the store.

Only time will tell if a crypto storefront is sustainable, especially in Hudson Yards where rent is through the roof. Still, it’s an admirable attempt, and one we’ll continue to monitor with interest and curiosity.

(All information was provided by Fortune and Outlook)

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