Hookshot Media Unveils New Website For “Retro-ish” Gaming

Hookshot Media has just launched Time Extension, a “reflective, retro-ish website that promises to delve deeper in the classic games you still love.” Time Extension is a haven for old-school gamers who aren’t done enjoying and talking about games that date back to Atari, SEGA, and NES days.

For those of you Push Square users (a Hookshot Media subsidiary), your credentials will transition over to Time Extension, so you don’t need to create a different account or set up a new profile. The site will also feature some new technical upgrades like the ability to bookmark articles, as well as a much-improved mobile interface, which Hookshot says will soon get rolled out on Push Square in the future.

Time Extension marks the fourth different gaming website brought to you by Hookshot Media. The other three are Push Square, Nintendo Life, and Pure Xbox.

(All information was provided by Push Square)

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