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Sipping Cognac In The Metaverse

Famous cognac brand Maison Martell announced its plans to create an interactive experience in The Sandbox, set to launch later this year. The digital world will give users a glimpse into three centuries of Maison Martell history, and will also feature a virtual exploration the Martell chateau, a place which has never been open to the public.

The Maison Martell metaverse will also include games, a marketplace for limited edition collectible NFTs, live events, and the opportunity for guests to create their own virtual cognacs.

“We are delighted to be following in the footsteps of our bold and pioneering founder, Jean Martell, who laid the foundations for the audacious ethos that runs throughout Maison Martell today,” said Cesar Giron, Chairman and CEO of Maison Martell. “We have long been a house that isn’t afraid to push boundaries and. Challenge the status quo of how things should be done and the opening of Maison Martell world in The Sandbox represents a landmark occasion, As we look toward a future of new beginnings driven by digital innovation, this digital world offers the opportunity to reimage Maison Martell’s rich heritage by bringing our unique universe to life digitally and allowing consumers to feel more connected to the brand than ever before”

Maison Martell’s interactive experience will also offer users the chance to meet and greet famous and popular figures from the cognac brand’s history. This includes Founder of the House Jean Martell, his wife Rachel, and current Cellar Master Christophe Valtaud, just to name a few.

(All information was provided by Aliens and The Drinks Report)

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