What Will The Global Keyboard Market Look Like In Four Years?

ResearchAndMarketing’s “Global Keyboard Market with Focus on Gaming Keyboards (by Type, Connectivity & Region): Insights & Forecast with Potential Impact of COVID-19 (2022-2026),” was recently published, giving us a glimpse into the future of this industry.

The report has the global keyboard market soaring, expected to reach $11.1 billion in 2026, progressing at a CAGR of 4.52% over the next four years.

The report shows the driving growth in the market will come from factors like an upsurge in the number of gamers, expanding urbanization, escalating popularity of esports, and increasing adoption of PCs and peripherals in the education sector, and surging growth in the e-commerce industry.

It is noted however, that the market growth could be challenged by the increase in touchscreen devices and the rise in sales of gaming notebooks and keyboards with non-standard layouts.

Additionally, the market is expected to experience certain trends like increasing traction in smart TVs, rising investments in digitalization, and growing technological advancements.

The competitive landscape of the market, along with the company profiles of leading players, like Dell, Lenovo, and Corsair were also presented in detail.

(All information was provided by Business Wire)

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