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Esports 3.0 Platform Arriving On Top Launchpads

Esports 3.0 platform GEMS has officially launched on several of the top launchpads including Polkabridge, Formless, and Blokpad, just to name a few. With more than 80 blockchain clients, GEMS’ platform will leverage its esports hotels chain in Southeast Asia by integrating GameFi, metaverse, and SocialFi elements.

“We believe that the marriage between esports and blockchain technology will give birth to considerable opportunities, and create further use cases that benefit both fields,” said Andy Koh, CEO of GEMS. “The current market of gaming is at an all time high of 3.24 billion, and 300 million are professional esports players. With our digital gaming services, gamers and players from esports and GameFi areas could join and utilize our platform for multiple monetization in this sharing economy.”

The newly-launched GEMS token will function as a medium of exchange and a rewarding token, along with featuring governance properties. Token holders will gain access to various membership tiers, exclusive NFTs, esports tournaments and PvP Arena battles. GEMS token holders are also granted the right to engage in DAO governance, along with its voting function on platform decisions.

(All information was provided by Yahoo! Finance)

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