Introducing Resolution Games’ Debut Tournament, The Blaston Championship

Resolution Games has partnered with Challengermode and VRML to present the inaugural Blaston Championship. The virtual reality competition’s Qualifying Round kicked off August 1st and features teams from North America and Europe competing for the lion’s share of a $10,000+ prize pool.

“The explosion of esports over the last decade has shown everybody what peak performance gaming looks like — but unless you’re on a professional team, it can be incredibly difficult to showcase your own skills,” said Tommy Palm, Founder and CEO of Resolution Games. “In hosting our first-ever Blaston Championship, we’re opening up the world of professional esports competition to everybody. This tournament is designed to find the very best players across nearly the entire Blaston community, and the search starts in August as we open up the first qualifying period. Good luck, blasters!”

The event has been divided into two regional tournaments, in which players earned automatic berths for the first qualifying round by competing in Blaston’s ranked mode.

The Blaston Championship Finals are set to take place November 5th and 6th, and will be broadcast live on Twitch.

Interested parties looking to qualify for the Finals can do so via this link to Resolution Games’ official website.

(All information was provided by GamingLyfe)

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