Xbox Cloud Gaming’s Numbers Are Through The Roof

Microsoft is seeing the fruits of Xbox Cloud Gaming, which they have begun to market in earnest. A watershed moment for the service came when Fortnite joined the party as a free-to-play title, and Microsoft has seen the writing on the wall. The company has since offered its first community update for the service, which signals a broader push to showcase the platform in the wake of its current success.

Xbox Cloud Gaming’s hourly use has since grown 1800% in the past year alone, which has Microsoft working to meet demand with additional servers across the globe. In a recent call to investors, the company discussed plans to double Xbox Cloud Gaming’s server capacity in the coming year.

Microsoft has begun soliciting users to provide feedback on the service, noting that more fan-requested features are on their way, and possibly more free titles like Fortnite, which has certainly spurred Xbox Cloud Gaming’s recent success.

The future, and present are certainly looking bright for Xbox Cloud Gaming. And when the Activision Blizzard deal finally goes through, games like Diablo IV and Call of Duty will undoubtedly come to the service, giving us no shortage of options when it comes time to play.

(All information was provided by Windows Central)

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