Keyano College Joins Canadian Esports Advisory Board

The Keyano College Huskies recently announced they joined the ECPS (Esports Canada Post-Secondary), an advisory board that advocates for post-secondary esports teams. According to the Huskies’ head coach, Shadi Hanna, this will help the school form stronger relationships in the gaming space while supporting the creation of other collegiate gaming programs.

“We’re one of the first varsity programs in Canada, we’re one of the only schools in Canada to offer scholarships to our players, we’re one of the only schools with a dedicated facility and arena,” Hanna said. “We get to now facilitate and encourage the growth of schools in Canada, which in the long run will not only help develop the level of competition in the Canadian scene but also encourage newfound talent to come to Canada and to emerge from Canada.”

2022 marks the second year that Keyano College has played host to an esports program. Additionally, a new esports space for the team is being developed at the college and is expected to open its doors this coming January.

Keyano College is a public post-secondary school that is located in Alberta, Canada. The institution was founded in 1965.

(All information was provided by Fort McMurray Today, Google, and Wikipedia)

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