High-End Gaming Is Coming To A Car Near You!

On August 4th, Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) announced that it had joined forces with ECARX to create a standard “in-vehicle computing platform” for electric cars. This line of vehicles is already scheduled to hit the market in late 2023.

AMD has said that it will offer a Ryzen Embedded V2000 APU (Accelerated Processing Unity). This includes eight cores and 16 threads of modern Zen 2 architecture along with built-in Radeon graphics. The vehicle will also be outfitted with AMD Radeon RX 6000 Series GPU to coincide with ECARX hardware and software.

“Combining the extensive experience in automotive digital cockpit design of ECARX with AMD advanced computing power and stunning visual graphic rendering capabilities, the companies aim to deliver an innovative in-car experience,” reads the press release from AMD. “The digital cockpit will launch with advanced features including driver information mode, heads-up display, rear seat entertainment, multiple-displays, multi-zone voice recognition, high-end gaming, and a full 3D user experience.”

(All information was provided by AMD and PC Gamer)

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