Sweden To Host European Esports Federation General Assembly

It was recently announced that Stockholm, Sweden will be the location for the 2022 European Esports Federation (EEF) General Assembly scheduled to take place on October 29th. This event, which is being hosted by Quality Globe Stockholm, could be crucial when it comes to accepting new members into the EEF or changing the organization’s statutes.

“The Annual General Assembly of EEF is one of the pillars that truly sets us apart from other esports organizations,” said Ido Brosh, EEF President. “Via a democratic platform for exchange, we can determine the future of our movement together while strengthening the bond between our members and between national esports communities within Europe. We are grateful to the Swedish Esports Federation for hosting us in Stockholm this year.”

According to InsideTheGames, the EEF is expected to provide a ruling on Russia’s participation in esports events in light of the ongoing war in Ukraine. Recently, the EEF’s board of directors banned Russians from competing in this year’s European Championships.

The EEF was founded by the European Parliament in February 2020. Since its inception, the organization has grown to 43 members, including Russia and Belarus.

(All information was provided by InsideTheGames)

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