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YouGov Explains How The U.S. And UK Feel About The Metaverse

YouGov recently released a report entitled Unlocking the Metaverse. This survey provided an analysis of the feelings both Brits and Americans have towards the metaverse space.

Unsurprisingly, in both the United States and the UK, younger generations are more likely to be aware of the metaverse when compared to older generations, “presumably due to greater interests in and involvement with technology, social media, and gaming.” In both regions, the 18- to 24-year-old range expressed the most metaverse awareness (66% in the UK; 64% in the US).

Meanwhile, YouGov‘s data shows that Americans are more comfortable talking about the metaverse. 45% of U.S. consumers said that can confidently describe the metaverse compared to 37% of UK adults. However, people who aren’t confident in describing the metaverse made up the largest part of those surveyed (41% in the UK and 35% in the U.S.).

YouGov also provided data regarding what people think the metaverse will look like in the future. 29% of British consumers and 24% of American consumers believe the metaverse will most closely resemble a virtual reality experience in the future. VR also happens to be the most popular metaverse entry point for both Americans (27%) and Brits (43%).

Exploration is a big attraction when it comes to the metaverse. 21% of people from the UK said they would use the metaverse to visit a dream destination. That number jumps to 22% for Americans.

Despite the hype surrounding the metaverse, there are still some concerns amongst consumers in regard to the security and limitations of the space. Not having a crypto wallet is the biggest concern amongst people both interested and uninterested in the metaverse.

“At this stage in the metaverse’s evolution, a dichotomy exists: for some, it represents an aspiration to make life a little better. For others, it threatens to undermine ‘real’ life,” the report reads. “Most consumers do not want an entirely alternate reality in the metaverse – however, many envision ways it can enhance the physical world… without replacing it.”

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