Sources Unveil More Details About VALORANT’s 2023 Partnership System

More information was just released about the upcoming international VALORANT leagues scheduled to begin next year. According to sources that spoke with Dot Esports, the three inaugural leagues will begin in mid-February and conclude competition in September of 2023. Additionally, the sources said that the leagues will give out stipends of at least $600,000 to participating teams.

Dot Esports is reporting that numerous teams have already completed their interviews with Riot Games for the partnership program. Now, sources said teams will have to wait to find out whether they have secured a place in these international leagues.

The teams that qualify for these leagues will reportedly be given a stipend by Riot Games. This includes a base payment of $300,000 as well as an additional $300,000 minimum for teams to purchase skins and other in-game merchandise. Sources also said that Riot is also willing to give out an extra $400,000 to teams depending on their league-based achievements.

The VALORANT partnership system was first announced by Riot in April. These partnerships will be with three international leagues. The first league will be made up of North American, Brazilian, and Latin American teams. The second league will be comprised of teams from Europe, Russia, Turkey, and the MENA region. The last league will consist of teams from Southeast Asia, Korea, Japan, South Asia, and Oceania.

(All information was provided by Dot Esports [1,2] and Sportskeeda)

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