These Alienware Monitors Hold Your Gaming Headset For You

On August 16th, the computer hardware company Alienware introduced two new gaming monitors: the Alienware 25 and the Alienware 27. And, unlike most other monitors on the market, these accessories come with a built-in, retractable headset stand

The AW2523HF is the smaller of the two monitors at 25-inches with a 1920 x 1080 resolution and a 360Hz refresh rate. Meanwhile, the 27-inch AW2723DF monitor has a resolution of 1440p and a max 280 Hz refresh rate. And, as previously mentioned, both monitors are outfitted with Alienware’s retractable headset holder in order to help keep your gaming space free of clutter.

The Alienware 25 will be launched on September 7th with a starting price of $449.99. If you want the Alienware 27, then you’ll have to wait until October 6th and pay $649.99.

(All information was provided by Digital Trends and HYPEBEAST)

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