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Unstoppable Domains And Brave Provide Easy Access To Web3

On September 5th, it was announced that over 2 million Unstoppable Domains could be used to access and display decentralized websites via the secure and privacy-focused browser Brave. Thanks to Unstoppable’s integration with Brave, creators can now easily build and distribute decentralized content that they fully own and control. Moreover, users will be able to access over 30,000 websites created with Unstoppable Domains.

This joint venture also includes cryptocurrency capabilities. Now, Unstoppable will include more top-level domains including .nft, .x, .bitcoin, .blockchain, and .dao.

The creative possibilities are endless. With Unstoppable Domains and Brave together, people can build personal blogs, launch NFTs, develop educational content, showcase cryptocurrency podcasts, and create knowledge-sharing platforms.

To coincide with this announcement, Unstoppable Domains and Brave will host a social media campaign from September 9th to September 23rd. This event will see the Brave and Unstoppable Domains Twitter accounts host spaces and send out tweets that engage with various gaming and Web3 communities.

Since its inception, Unstoppable Domains has emerged as a major player in the online and web3 spaces. As of this writing, Unstoppable Domains has registered over 2.4 million websites while supporting over 275 coins and tokens.

All of these domain extensions are now available. To learn more about these extensions, including .blockchain, visit the Unstoppable Domains website.

(All information was provided by Unstoppable Domains [1,2])

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